Do you deserve to make more than you are being paid? Have you hit the pay ceiling where you are at now? Are you looking to be on a team of top producers where average is not allowed? If you answered yes to any of these questions we want you on our team!

Do you have more potential? Are you ready to make the jump to the next level? Allow us to help you refine your skills and turn you into a quota busting sales machine. Our top sales team members make 6 figures (without college degrees)!

Demand is through the roof for TBH to solve people's financial hardships, and we have too many leads to call back. We have the perfect solution, the time is right… are you ready???


    • Tarek Buys Houses is a living breathing example of a home run. If you're unfamiliar with what what that means, imagine a world with standards as high as it's enthusiasm... and it's genuine. Every single person we hire says "Wow, everyone looks like they actually want to be here. And it's not an act". If you're looking for an environment where you must prove yourself daily, you're surrounded by the hardest working people you ever met, and you're willing to come in every single day as the best version of you, then give it a shot. If that seems intimidating, you might have to do some serious self-improvement before stepping in.

      I was an LAPD officer for 10 years before joining Tarek. I remember thinking that I would never be able to achieve my financial goals. But that changed. I walk into our daily pulse meetings and realize everyone is here on a mission. I hang up the phone after helping a seller out of their stressful situation to then find Tarek running an impromptu meeting to help us increase our reach. We refuse to stop. If I was going to work for anyone other than myself, it would be Tarek. Working here is beyond rewarding. I'm challenged. I get excited. I'm a better man and father because of it. It's not just a career. It's a lifestyle.

      Bryan Segal
      Senior Acquisition Specialist
    • Before working for Tarek El Moussa, I didn't have any information I could take from a work place or college that I could apply back home in my personal finances and my goals as a real estate entrepreneur. Being in this environment allows me to translate everything I learn at work back to my home, family, career and my life overall. I had actually never made great money as a Realtor and had no idea how to control the intake of my income but since working here I've learned to be successful and have money - you need to have the right information and be disciplined, everyday. It's like being in the Military of Sales & Personal Finance - if you are disciplined enough you will take a lot more with you from this office than you've "learned" in your entire life. Not just money, but the right information needed to be eternally wealthy.   Every company should invest in learning how we create this company culture.
      Alex Rosu
      Acquisition Specialist
    • It is very rare to find a workplace where positivity, success and opportunity are so abundant. Working at Tarek Buys Houses gave me an opportunity to bring my skills and abilities to a company looking to give people an opportunity to do something big. We are constantly looking for talented people looking for the right vehicle to join our team, think you have what it takes???
      William Johnson
      Acquisitions Curator
    • Hi my name is Adam Lindholm, I am the most senior member of Tarek Buys Houses. Before I started working with TBH I was in construction with big dreams and little pockets to fund them. Ignorant to the fact that if I wanted to achieve my life mission it would require massive responsibility on my part.


      When I realized, it hit me like a brick, I needed to make enough money to break free and help others. I started off in Acquisitions and focused on solving seller's financial woes. From there I made my way up to where I am now and I can't wait to achieve more and greater success.

      Working for TBH the opportunities are endless! And the best part?

      Having Tarek El Moussa as an example every single day Mon-Fri, rain or shine he shows up!!

      Adam Lindholm
      Vice President of Operations




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