Brandi’s Story

Selling your family home is no joke – it can be a really emotional time for a lot of people. But that’s exactly why at my company, Tarek Buys Houses, we go above and beyond to make the whole process smooth sailing for our sellers.

Brandi’s Background

Recently, my team had the opportunity to work with a seller from Corona, CA named Brandi. Brandi was in the tough spot of having to sell her family’s cabin up in Running Springs after making amazing memories there for over 20 years.

Brandi explained it perfectly when she said, “We were head over heels for that home. But when you’ve got a cabin nestled up in the mountains, man, that comes with a whole other level of maintenance.” Over time, the neverending repairs and upkeep became too much for Brandi and her husband to juggle. With their kids all grown up, it was time to turn that page.

Going the traditional real estate route seemed like a nightmare for a second home that obviously needed a ton of work. Brandi explained, “We were NOT about to keep schlepping up to the mountains just to meet with real estate agents.” Not to mention the stress of staging the whole cabin for showings and finding a buyer, on top of all the work the cabin needed. 

How Brandi Found Tarek Buys Houses

Luckily, after one bad experience with another buyer, Brandi found my company, Tarek Buys Houses. “I looked you guys up, gave you a ring,” and from that very first call, my team had her back. Our friendly, down-to-earth approach gave Brandi a huge sense of relief.

“I was just over the moon that someone was truly listening to me, letting me share my story, because selling was such an emotional rollercoaster for us.”

Brandi’s Experience With Tarek Buys Houses

Throughout the entire journey, my team’s total transparency, communication, and commitment to our timeline is what made Brandi’s experience a good one. As Brandi put it – “I felt like I could really trust everyone…I just had this great feeling it would actually happen.” No surprises, no delays—just smooth sailing, exactly as promised.

For families like Brandi’s, I understand that a home means so much more than just a pile of bricks. It’s a place filled with tons of family memories. At Tarek Buys Houses, my mission is to help families transition to their next exciting chapter, while treating their past home with the respect and care it deserves.

So if you or someone you know is in a similar situation as Brandi and wants a hassle-free home-selling experience, look into Tarek Buys Houses. Your peace of mind is my number one priority.

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